Limoncello di Capri  
The Lemon of Sorrento P.G.I.

Historical information and description of the product

Numerous historical documents: acts of sale, paintings, literary and botanical writings, provide evidence of the presence of lemons in this area going back to the year 1500. In the 1600s, the Jesuit Fathers initiated the first cultivation of lemons.

A lemon of medium to large dimensions, of elliptical form, with a citric yellow colour rind, highly perfumed, and with a pulp which has exceptional juice and acidic content. The main characteristic of the technique of cultivation is the use of the famous ‘pagliarelle’: straw mats which are lent on wooden supports, usually made out of chestnut wood, and are used to cover the foliage of the trees, so as to protect them from the cold and wind, climatic elements which can be decisive in the production of the harvest. The covering with these "pagliarelle" delays the ripening of the fruit, the results of which is one of the principal characteristics of the variety. The lemon of Sorrento P.G.I. is unique of its kind and easily distinguishable by its perfume, the balance between citric acid and sugar, the flavour and the presence of essential oils.

La raccolta dei limoni a Capri.


The lemon is grown in all the regions along the Sorrentine peninsula: Massa Lubrense, Meta, Piano, S.Agnello, Sorrento, Vico Equense, and on the island of Capri both in Capri and Anacapri.
The method of cultivation guarantees freshness and delineates the area where the first stages of production take place, ensuring that the cultivation of the fruit occurs in the same area as its processing, with the essential requirement that the first stage of the production of the lemons is that they are exclusively from these regions.Only those producing liqueur in these areas can use the description “Limoni di Sorrento I.G.P.” on their labels.
The P.G.I. “Limone di Sorrento” has been registered with the EC regulation 2446/2000 (G.U.C.E L281 of 7.11.00) in application of the EC regulation 2081/92
The authorised regulating body id the IS.ME.CERT



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