Limoncello di Capri  
The "Limoncello di Capri"

A perfect fusion of the colour, flavour and zest of lemon with the creativity and tradition of the island.

Place of birth: Capri. It is its quality which makes it special: the classic after-dinner drink, chosen not by us but rather by the sophistication of taste through the years. Everybody drinks lemon liqueur. Today you're drinking Limoncello, the Limoncello di Capri. Like all exceptional things, it can be made in only one way: the perfect way, from start to finish.
The starting point? The ingredients: just one type of lemon, the best, the most well suited, the “Oval of Sorrento”.
Sun, sea, summer, elegance. Straight or with ice, it can enrich the flavour and aroma of other drinks, can be used in cooking and baking, on ice-cream or fruit salad.
Limoncello di Capri, exotic, inspirational, versatile, like all things Italian, possessing all the attributes to become an outstanding player on the international market.

“The best-selling Limoncello
in restaurants and bars
throughout Italy”

"Fonte dati AC Nielsen S.p.A. Canale Horeca AT GL 2008"



In 1999 Limoncello di Capri S.r.L. obtained the certification of quality assurance regulation Uni EN ISO 9002 ( certiagro certificate no. 2273/ 99), whilst in 2001 it gained the certificate of organic agricultural production and membership of the association of producers of Limone di Sorrento I.G.P. (certificate I.SME.CERT. no.78).

Limoncello Ice Cream

Gold Medal Awards at the
International Wine and Spirits
Competition 2003



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